Solid and Helpful Christian Marriage Advice Can Be Hard to Come By – But It’s Worth the Effort

Seeking help is not something everyone does well. When it involves something as private as your marriage, it can really be painful and uncomfortable to let a stranger in. Still, the truth is that all couples go through their ups and downs and Christian marriage advice is just as important as that sought in any other marriage or relationship.

Seeking advice from a third party who specializes in counseling for couples is not the eye-raiser it once was. For one thing, counseling can come in all forms. Christian marriage advice can come from a pastor or therapist. You can even consider Bible studies for married couples to be a form of advice. Many churches have small groups that break up into what the needs of the parishioners are and there are groups within those that teach the Bible based on what the class structure is. A married couple will find out how to emphasize their strengths within the marriage and work on weaknesses; holding each other up and building a stronger foundation of love, intimacy and spirituality.

There are therapists available who will let you know they are Christian. This has been helpful to people we know personally because they found assurances of confidentiality and a camaraderie with a professional who also knew and shared their faith. Christians, true Christians, realize that none of us are perfect and we all have problems. Christian therapists strive to help couples work through those problems with the help of the Word and modern forms of communication, thus finding a high success rate in helping to save Christian marriages.

If your marriage has been strained by the recent economy, the seven year itch or some other reason, seeking Christian marriage advice is the first step to re-build on the foundation that first brought you together. Your love for each other, your commitment to your marriage and your faith can help you fight for what has gotten shaky and unnerved in these times.

Do not hesitate to try counseling. That third person is there to see things from both your points of view and help you to understand each other’s perspectives. This professional can aid you in finding a middle ground that works for both of you so that the rebuilding of the marriage can begin.

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