Some Very Important Marriage Advice

The first important marriage advice is,never assume anything about others because the assumption can create ambiguities and misunderstandings. Never criticize more than compliment, as a compliment is a basic way to produce a smile on the face. Always share happy events with your spouse for a happy married life,and find time to get together for fun and amusement.

Always try to marry someone with whom you can listen and talk properly,and keep in mind the adage that “marriage is bed of roses, and sometimes it is like thorns. Try to be fair, polite, humble, honest and lenient.

Try to resolve any problems amicably,and do not mention the “D” word (divorce) until all other ways have been tried.

Spend sexy and fulfilled time with each other.A candle light dinner is a good time for fun and it is the time when you can spend time with each other with peace and happiness.

The second important marriage advice is try to ask for forgiveness if it is your fault like many people try to say

“I am sorry” for acceptance of a wrong doing. Be co-operative, sharing and loving with one another.

Proper communication is an important consideration to your success.Make a habit of not using the word never in a fight,and if you are fighting do it when you are naked,and it will take on a different importance and you will have a good time whilst fighting. Argument is a good thing for understanding but not in anger or wrath.

Show your marriage is better than others and keep any minor problems to yourselves and away from public view. Have change and variety and do not let your marriage become too routine by introducing thrilling and sexy events.

Of course these are not the only things you have to consider….

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