Critics of Love Marriage in India

Love marriages are carried out with the same agility and joy.It should be known that the only difference in a love marriage is that both the girl and the boy know each.other and are deemed to be in love as well.

Love marriage is a legal right for two individuals who care and love for each other to live together and go ahead with their life. In love marriage, We know each other well,we are not going to be with any stranger or we may not have much problems if We know about the person well before we decide to spend our life together. A love marriage can become un-successful, if we had a very short time know each other and just decided to get married. If we are knowing each other well and we are sure that we can get along with each other without any problems then we can decide to get married.

In a love marriage the boy and the girl have mostly seen the best of each other and so the expectations are very high from one another but the worst of each other is yet to come and when it comes,it leads to a disaster.Love marriages provide freedom and more independence. In a love marriage the boy not only loves but also respects his partner.If a love marriage gets the consent of the family members as well then it can really turn into a beautiful relationship. Love, trust, loyalty, patience, respect, understanding, appreciating are some of the key words of a successful marriage.It is bound to be a happy and a everlasting one.

A love marriage is superficial and depends only on physical attractiveness, the chances of it lasting are very poor.Love marriages also help in bridging the gaps of caste, creed and religion and this is especially important in India.Love marriage can be especially tough for individuals coming from traditional cultures and societies.Those couples who go for love marriages often don’t get family support and even their relatives don’t approve of their marriage.The worst disadvantage of such a marriage is an early break up,as both partners who were in love with each other before the marriage feel lack of freedom.

Social evils like dowry, caste system, matching of horoscopes and community issues are taken at such extreme levels that people don’t support arranged marriages.Love marriage is more painful and have many problems.It mainly affects the parents, who took care of us from the childhood till we get a job and settle in life. A love marriage is almost like a disgrace to the family and the boy or the girl live like outcastes.The fickleness of love is the biggest disadvantage and negativity of marriage based on love. It is true that maximum number of divorces take place in love marriages. The reason given for divorce in majority of the cases is as trivial as the lack of love between the individuals.



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