5 Hot Dating Tips For Shy Guys

I am definitely a very shy guy so I know how hard it can be to approach a lady that you like. Some years back with aid from a wonderful mate all that modified. The tips that he gave me literally turned my life around. Now I am going to share with you his top 5 dating tips for shy guys, so you can hopefully do as I did.

Dating is a nightmare for most fellows, but its particularly bad for shy fellows. If, like me you are a shy guy you will know how hard it can be to approach and talk to a tasty girl. Fortunately , a while back I was given some dazzling advice that changed my life forever. It wasn’t tough but I put these tips into action and saw then working literally before my eyes. Now, I want you to share my success so read on as I give you my top 5 dating tips for shy guys.

Tip one : Be yourself. You may hear this all the time from folk but it truly is the most vital tip you will ever get. Ladies are really terribly keen as a rule and can generally spot a fraud at one hundred paces so don’t try and put on an act. If you don’t like something about yourself don’t draw attention to it, but at the same time if its something apparent then don’t be scared to make gentle fun of it. Just don’t become self obsessed and talk about ‘me,me,me’ all night!

Tip 2 : Be confident. Girls love confident guys, that could be a fact. A confident guy will make them feel at safe and secure and reassures them at a particularly subconscious level. One thing to look at though isn’t to overdo the confidence aspect. This is truly like walking a knife edge because its easy to fall into the area of appearing arrogant, and that sure is a big turn-off for most ladies. You’ve been warned. If you come across with the right mix of confidence and weakness you will be a sure fire winner with the ladies.

Tip 3 : Be a good listener. If you want your date to be an absolute hit, then in the world of dating tips for shy guys, this one is the sure fire winner. I will not stress this enough – listen, listen, listen. You see girls totally like it when men are alert and hang on their every word. They adore to discuss themselves, hey who doesn’t and if you appear truly interested then they’re going to pick up on this immediately. Chuck in a little of refined body language like barely leaning in towards her and creating firm eye contact and you’ll appear interested and empathic, which naturally you are!

Tip four : Be smart. Most ladies love a well dressed, clean cut and smart guy. On a date, you’ll usually find that your partner has spent a considerable amount of time preparing. She’ll truly appreciate the effort and see it as an illustration of your respect for her. A slovenly turn-out by comparison can be taken as a slap in the face and shows a great lack of respect. Ensure your clothes are well turned out, they don’t need to be designer threads to affect, please be showered and shaved and concentrate on small details like your nails ; you’d be dazzled at how many women hate mucky fingernails!

Tip five : Be conscientious. The last of my dating tips for shy guys actually applies to any one but it can be harder if you’re shy. Don’t forget to show your date that you care. This could involve getting folks like waiters to make a big thing about her, or merely taking control of some situations like leading her in out of the rain. Whatever you’ve got to do, ensure that you cast aside your natural fears and take the lead. Always make her feel special even if it commends doing things that, as a shy guy, you may feel uncomfortable about.

So there you are five dating tips for shy guys. I have used these many times with plenty of success, I am sure you can too.


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