5 HOT Dating Tips For Men

Here are a few dating tips for men I have learned over the past few years that will help you get more women. Try and use them when you’re in the dating game.

HOT Dating Tip #1:

Try and get something out of every interaction you have with a woman. We can’t win them all, but we sure as hell can learn from it. Dating is fun, and rejection should not be taken to heart.

Tip #2:

Be funny! Laughter is a great aphrodisiac. If you’re not funny, listen to some stand up comedy on DVD or CD. Get some books on humour. Robin Williams, Lee Evans, Chris Rock etc. Study what they say, and pretty soon you’ll be the funniest guy around.

Dating Tips For Men #3:

NEVER think a woman is out of your league. just because she is hot doesn’t mean she wont be interested in you. Hot women get hit on every day, just be different than all the other guys by not paying her a compliment every single second. Be as natural as possible and most importantly be confident in your approach.

Tip #4:

Take periodic breaks from the dating game. Recharge your batteries and whilst taking your break, study and learn more about how to attract and approach women. The more you learn the more successful you will become. In fact, the more you know bout women while your in the dating game will help future relationships too.

Dating Tips For Men #5:

Play hard to get, and don’t come across as needy. When you call, end the conversation within 10 minutes. Go easy on the text messages you send her too. If you act like you always have things to do and people to see, she knows that she will have to work hard to get you.

So, there you go! 5 great dating tips for men you can start using right now. Good luck in your dating adventures!

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