Dating tips for single parents; time to leave the kids at home

Finding a date on Saturday night is hard, but when you have a child it becomes a lot harder. Whether you’re a young mother, a widowed father, or have been divorced for many years, dating as a single parent can be hard and complicated. Take a look at the dating tips below and see if any of them can help you.

The first dating tip I can offer is not to feel bad about dating. You were a person before you were a parent, and its best that your children grow up knowing that parenthood doesn’t mean that you give up on your own life. Don’t be afraid that you’re doing the memory of your previous partner to shame if you move on, accepting that the previous relationship has ended, however it did, is the first step to moving past that situation and into the next stage of your life.

Before you start dating, dating tip number two states that you should talk to your kids about it. Even young children can understand that mummy or daddy has their own friends that they like to spend time with. Explain to them that if doesn’t mean you love their mother or father any less because you are spending time with someone else, and that they will always come first. If you are the parent of teenagers, you can be more open with them about it, but remember that they are your children, not your confidants.

For dating tip number three, we start with the date. Make sure this person knows that your children are your number one priority, and if they don’t accept that now then there’s no point in going any further. Most people say not to talk about past relationships on a first date, but if the other person asks don’t lie; telling them that your previous partner has visitation rights tells them straight away that this other man or woman will always be in your life. Once this is out of the way, talk about you and what you like. Keep mention of the kids to a minimum; don’t ignore them but don’t bring them up if the opportunity doesn’t present itself.  Don’t mention how long it’s been since your last date; keep the topics current and interesting.

These dating tips are simple and easy to remember, but every situation is different. Adapt the tips around your family unit; you are the best judge of what your children can handle.


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