Lessons Of Online Dating And Chat Australian Style

The cyber dating market place in Australia consists of around 3500 dating sites. 80% of these dating sites charge monthly subscriptions ranging from between $20-$60 per month. Other methods of member subscriptions include a more expensive concept of buying books of stamps or kisses.

The remaining 20% of Australian online dating sites on the world wide web are 100% free with these sites earning revenue through Google’s cost per click Adsense programmes. Ironically, the free dating sites also earn commissions by referring their customers to subscription based online dating sites.

Similar to the U.S market, there are the main players and the smaller players. The three main Australian online dating sites are rsvp, yahoo personals and Aussiematchmaker representing around 30% of the entire Australian market. Having said this, new dating site oasis active has grown at a fur nominal pace within ten months of their website going live and is now the second fastest growing dating site in Australia behind rsvp. oasis active has around 15,000 unique visitors daily and averages 40,000 active members daily. Oasis active recently partnered with another well known dating site hookmeup. Hookmeup has assisted oasis active in their launch in an un-disclosed deal.

Hookmeup is a free online dating site offering chat rooms, private chat, and singles personals on their dating site. Australian singles are logging onto dating sites and chat rooms at a rate of 2 million times per month. The online dating industry in Australia is one of the few industries set to benefit from the current economic down turn. Since Christmas 2008 compared to the same period in 2007 there has been a 25% upward spike in online dating and chat room traffic.

Some feedback to analyze this data includes singles prioritizing their lives and searching for security and comfort in a life partner. There is also much to be said by Australians about the comparison of social network sites and online dating chat sites.

In a recent article compilied by an author for hookmeup there are some interesting points that clearly give merit to the existence of both services. Generally speaking, it was determined that social networking is mostly used as a referral system linking old friends. Nearly 50% of Face Books 90 million members were not single. With online dating singles and chat rooms, members basically have an open ended invitation to be forward and suggestive to other members with meeting someone for a romantic or sexual connection clearly being on the agenda.

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