Social Networks The Explanation Of Growing Popularity

Not long ago social networks become increasingly widely used. And with their growth they began to determine a lot of spheres of people’s living. The summamry of various researches say that one-hald of the internet is already covered by social networks. The notion social networks was created much earlier than the internet and online networks. In 1954 it was introduced by an American sociologist James Barns.

Since then social networks have turned into a stylish tendency that became central in modern design. At present social network have developed a lot and there is a great number of networks designed for various purposes, the main of which are to meet friends, to get acquainted, to get a job or an employee or to develop your company. The competition among social networks is really great now and only very quality and interesting websited can attract visitors today. This is the main reason of a great quantity of niche oriented social networks that appeared recently. Some of them are only for web designers, others allow to meet black people online, some are for fans.

Social networks have a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. Here we will say abut the most significant:

1. Address in the profile. On one hand, it is extremely convenient if you forgot the address of your friend or his phone number, you can just look at his page in social network. But at the same time there is a danger to give such data as your home address in public profile. Making this info visible just to the friends can clear this problem, but in such case you should be sure in all your friends. And don’t forget, a lot of social networks never delete your data totally, so choose carefully what data to fill in.

2. Escape from real world. Social networks give a possibility to make a process of communication quicker and lots more convenient. But if this becomes a habit and somebody stops to communicate with friends in real life it can become a problem. But there is one more significant advantage: in social networks people can communicate with people from different countries of the world and continents and borders can not prevent them from having a talk. More than that, today new technologies, such as video chat, give people a possibility to speak and see their friends in real time.

3. Content. Now in social networks all users have possibility to find numerous media content: video, music, etc. On one hand it is really comfortable that evey user can enjoy any video or listen to popular songs without leaving a social network. But at the same time it is usually difficult to find anything in networks due to a big amount of the content.

4. People. The bigger is the social network, the higher is the possibility that you will meet with somebody you want. On the other hand, narrower oriented social networks are more convenient, if you know what you want. Nowin some networks you can talk only with your colleagues, in other with specialists, some give possibilities for black dating, others are for moms, etc.

5. But a quantity of spam in social networks is also very great. Now this problem is being solved changing a common method of communication by messages into live chat, were only real people can communicate. But on the whole social networks are a great innovation that may be compared with the founding of the internet. They made our life much easier and gave a new possibility to communicate with a enormous quantity of people from various countries without having to leave home.

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