Facebook How To Use It For Social Networking

Are you looking for a Facebook How To article? If you’re not, you should be. However, this will be less a Facebook how to and more like a “why should you article.”


Facebook has gone way beyond the fad stage. With over 500 million registered users it is a force in the social media arena. However, a little reality is in order. Only about 20% (Oct 2010) of Facebook users are in the United States. Yes, I realize that we live in a world economy, however, the engine that drives that world economy is still the United States.


Facebook is reportedly worth 20 to 30 BILLION dollars, why? Advertising income. I know, it seems a little far fetched to me too, however, that’s what “they” say. Let’s assume it’s true, who are these advertisers? I’m told it’s primarily game developers. That would make sense as most of the Facebook users worldwide are in the game playing generations.


Why am I talking about the world economy while you’re interested in social networking and getting some Facebook how to advice? Because, just as the United States is the engine that drives the world economy, advertising dollars are what drives innovation on Facebook and all the other social media sites. For the purest who haven’t already clicked off, I’m sorry to be the bearer of that news.


The good news for the purest is that the 500 million plus users on Facebook don’t much care about advertising. Sure they want to be the first to use and master the newest game, however, marketers are finding that they just don’t care to click on ads. Marketing on Facebook requires communication, not advertising. So the first Facebook how to advice is don’t advertise – communicate.


People go to Facebook to hangout with friends and not much more. However, that may be changing. The fastest growing group on Facebook, in the U.S., is women age 54 to 64. While Generation Y will soon outnumber the Baby Boomers, the Baby Boomers still control the purse strings. And women control the majority (some 85%) of buying decisions.


Good news for Facebook and advertisers. Aside from the fact that Baby Boomers control the majority of the purse strings, they tend to be loyal to a brand or service. Online that transfers to a more stable market, that is, the Baby Boomer and above generations don’t surf the net as much as others. Therefore marketers can make their advertising more effective.


For both marketers and social networkers we come full circle to the question “Facebook How To Use It For Social Networking” or commerce?


First you have to determine what do you intend to accomplish with your Facebook presence? Are you there to market something or to find people who enjoy the things you do and want to talk about it? Seriously why are you there? You are going to enjoy the most success when you know exactly why you and the people you want to be in contact with, or market to, are on Facebook.


If you are a marketer, remember that Facebook is primarily a social network of friends. What is Social Networking? Social networking are groups of people, who share a common interest, perspective or background, sharing information and experiences. If you don’t have some form of commonality, and try to push your way into this type of community, you will not be accepted. So the second Facebook how to advice is blend in, listen, before you stand out.


People don’t make friends with companies or products, people make friends with people. That’s why Network Marketing and Social Media Marketing are on a conversion course. Network Marketing is a person to person business model. Social Media sites, like Facebook, are creating a new Network Marketing revolution.


Network marketers, who will be successful online understand that social media sites, like Facebook, are an open book, a facebook, and that book is you. You are held to a high standard. If you don’t live up to that standard, everyone who is on social media will know it.


Whether you are a marketer or purely social person, be true to who you are and you will find an audience within the 500 Million users of Facebook. Be consistent and true to why you are there and you will have the successful experience you seek. Be authentic.


How do you get started? You just “Do It.” Sign-up with Facebook and The Natural Networker to allow me to help you integrate your home based networking business into the new social media world.

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