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Joining online communities improves search optimization for your website because it provides another source on the web that related to your business or service, and it helps you communicate with potential customers or viewers directly. You can offer discounts, specials, and mention other reasons to visit your website directly to the people that you want to add or provide a business or service for.

The truth is that a great amount of value can be found by properly interacting with people on social networking websites. In this post I will give mention to not only some of the most popular social networking sites, but also mention some sites with a great amount of developmental potential as well. 

Don’t be misleading by the word developmental. At first you might be thinking that these websites are under developed and won’t bring you much traffic but I can assure you that such an idea is not correct. As a matter of fact, if you looking to get the most “hands free” exposure out of your effort then the developing social networks are the ones you want to target. It’s not the size of the network that matters, it the amount of traffic you participation will bring you. Look at it like this… The smaller networks, the harder they are working hard to bring in new members, therefore they tend to highlight and present there current member bases for long periods of time as featured, or special members. The smaller the size of the network, the more exposure for you as a new member joining any specific smaller sized online community.

 Joining a smaller social networking sites will also play an important role in presenting yourself as a profession or guru in the future when the website grows, like they also ways do. For example you always tend to remember some of the first things you see when you

At this point most people who are reading this might be wondering two things, how long do I spend on these networking sites, and how many should I use? So, being the crafty type of writer that I am I will explain this in the following two paragraphs.

How long

The amount of time you spend networking through social websites may vary depending on your particular situation but I like trying to keep it around 15 minutes a day. And notice I said “try” haha. Yeah, networking can all become very addicting and I often find myself spending much more time than I planned on doing this type of marketing. Just stick to a useful pattern and monitor the results of your efforts and measure them against what you put into it. Just remember you won’t get result right away. Earning trust, and establishing a business network takes time, skill, and patience.

 How many

Try choosing 3 of your favorite social networks, any more than three will become overwhelming unless you have a program or application that allows you to post messages, and comment from one interface. I honestly don’t believe in the use of these applications because of updating, time involved with set-up, ethical debate, and most of all security. Besides, the way you communicate with people makes a difference, a big difference. 

Social Networking Site List: 

MySpace is great. They have a variation of different profile types. These types consist of regular users, bands, comedians, and filmmakers. Users can upload photo albums, and videos, post comments, send private messages, run streams, and add friends 

Twitter is more of a real time, NOW experience where you can speak out to followers about what’s on your mind. It’s a great tool for announcing new products. Although I don’t us twitter that much it certainly seems to be one of the most popular. 


Here are just a few of the many features you can take advantage of on PortalCodes social networking community. This website is focused on providing networking services for “Businesses, Bands, and People!” The community offers a wide range of social networking tools.

Remember to monitor your progress on a regular basis. Also, be sure you’re keeping a respectable and meaningful partnership and relationship with each new person that you meet. There is no point in doing any of this at all if you can’t keep a steady schedule of communicating with other people or potential clients for your business son the web so stay connected with the people that you meet to learn the most you can about them.

Happy Social Networking!

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