Social Networks: Advantages VS Disadvantages

The popularity of social networks today is really incredible. Both developers and users have felt it. Modern people often even don’t imagine themselves without social networks and online communication. But is this good or bad tendency? In this article we will try to help you answer this question.

First of all, advantages:

  1. Social networks give us communication, connections with a big number of people. It is not a secret already, that virtual communication has become much more attractive for many people. And in modern society a lot of people are just lonely and for them online communication is a necessity.
  2. A search for classmates, old friends. Social network gives us a possibility to fin old friends that have moved long ago, classmates and even relatives we have lost contact with. We can communicate with them online and meet in real life. Not long ago we could only dream of such possibilities.
  3. Find new friends and meet new people. Social networks give us incredible dating possibilities. The great number of members in social network also allows everybody to find friends according to their interests and hobbies.
  4. Great possibilities for advertisement and job finding. Social networks can be easily used as bulletin boards and taking into consideration the number of users, very effective ones.
  5. Hobby. For many people social networks are the interesting spending of time. Such hobby is not a bad one and it gives people a lot of possibilities for self-realization. In social networks people can be whoever they want and communicate freely.

But of course, as any popular phenomena social networks have their disadvantages too:

  1. The information distributed in social network can be connected by anyone, without users’ even knowing it.
  2. Contact details can be used for spam.
  3. Sometimes social networks can even harm families and close relatives. The explanation here is simple: people, who are too fond of social networks spend there all free time and don’t pay attention to their families. In this case, such hobby can spoil real relationships.
  4. The absence of control can harm the psychics of children. Parents should pay attention with whom their children communicate in social networks.
  5. Medics often say that social networks are dangerous because they cause the addiction, and it is really so. Many people can not spend a day without visiting the social network. The absence of internet becomes tragedy and people got addicted to virtual communication. Especially if people have problems in real life, they spend more and more time in social networks thus replacing life with social networks.

On the whole, the attitude to social networks can differ depending on the people and concrete situation, but they have conquered a great segment of internet and are still developing. Today many people just can’t imagine their life without social networks and the number of their members is still growing now. But the main thing here is to find a golden mean: use all advantages that social networks offer us but don’t forget about the real life too.

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