Social Networking in India

Social Networking is becoming increasingly popular globally. According to the internet world stats the internet penetration rates across Asia till Sep 09 are 19.4% India is not far behind. The aim of these websites is to build communities of people who share common interests and activities. In addition to that people who are much keen towards exploring the interests of people across the globe are getting connected through this social networking sites. In India what is all the hype of social networking about? Read to find out.

Social networking has been buzzing in India with sites offering various services. With the increase in internet population in India every quarter people have started becoming more aware and want to stay connected by the means of these social networking websites. There are some people that strongly believe in individualism in which, people can either fail or succeed based on their own efforts and abilities. However, research shows that having a strong social network not only allows you stay in touch with your friends but also increases the probability of getting a job, promotion, influence, effectiveness and more.

According to a demographical research youth in India is more tech Internet savvy coz of which the social networking websites catering India have a slight inclination towards friendship and dating which created the whole buzz attracting huge crowds towards social networking websites. These websites offered more than just Indian dating; it allowed the people with the same interests to propagate their voice across the globe. It provided them with a platform where they could share their knowledge and redefine their relationships. Social Networking in India provided users with a delicious recipe that was very well accepted. Indian Social Networking offered people from different cultures and ethnicity the ability to connect and communicate online.

The buzz of Indian Social Networking sites recreated the whole Indian friendship and dating experience. Now-a-days people in India not only use social networking sites just to hunt for their dates but also to search for their soul mates. Additionally, in a social network especially Indian individuals generally share a common bond whether it may be hobbies, religions or politics. The profiles of individuals describe the entire persona of an individual, which includes their areas of interest, their thought process, thereby allowing individuals of the same or even different interest trends to build up a community. By socializing online, people not only exchange contacts but also exchange identities thereby creating a much stronger bond between more and more individuals. The community building aspect of online networking is becoming very popular and has become a stronger force in shaping public opinion.

Online networking by the means of Internet is gaining immense acceptance over the years providing a global exposure. So, get connected and make your views, thoughts and opinions reach worldwide.

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