What Age is Sexual Retirement Age

Sexual retirement is a sad affair.  Human beings become sexually active when they are ready and this age differs for everyone, according to psychological articles. Certain cultures and religions encourage sex at a very early age to produce the maximum number of children and others impose a strict set of ethics upon sexual activity, rather like sexual Terms and Conditions with a rigid code of behavior intended to uphold morality.  Baby boomers came along and exploded the sexual revolution, making the World a free platform for rebellion and freedom for sexual choices in even the strictest communities.

Retiring from sexual activity is not always a personal choice and sometimes depends on a person’s relationship with their partner.  In most social groups and especially in religious communities, there are certain guidelines in place for the cessation of sexual activity.  Where a woman might lose interest in sex at an earlier age than her partner or husband, social codes imply that he must respect her choice to remain celibate, regardless of whether she is likely to change her mind or not.  However, baby boomers tend to ask why such a woman might wish to retire from her bedroom interests and also explore the question of whether her decision is prompted by moral or health issues.

Back in the days before baby boomers started making waves over issues of sexual independence, ladies who felt they wished to hang up their saddles simply informed their husbands that they were no longer available for ‘that sort of thing’.  The husbands politely went elsewhere for their fun and never mentioned the matter again, if they knew what was good for them…

The baby boomers’ method of dealing with the sexy stuff is probably a whole lot healthier, as they are more likely to drag Mrs Boomer to the nearest medical professional to see what is wrong with her and whether it can be fixed!

Psychological articles debate that men are actually more likely to pursue a sex life for as long as possible, although there are one or two wilting violets who prefer the occasional roll in the hay once every six months and plead exhaustion for the other 363 days of the year!  Men are also more likely to separate their sexual gratification from their home comforts when bedroom activities begin to present a problem, keeping their sexual fun off the doorstep, as it were.

There really is no watershed for senior sexual fun and games but many elderly lovers prefer to keep their sex lives strictly private, which is why the myth that oldies ‘don’t do it anymore’ has managed to perpetuate like the old Chinese whisper game!

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