When is Sexual Tension Too Much?

Sexual tension can make or break a relationship. In most cases, relationships tend to blossom further thanks to the presence of sexual tension that keeps both the couple wanting more of each other. However, there are times when too much of a sexual tension hints a different message to you partner. Knowing to build to right amount of sexual tension with your partner can reward you with a long lasting relationship.

Men and women have different definitions to the mysterious idea of ‘sexual tension’. For women, sexual tension would refer to the feeling when she talks to the person that she feels attraction for. The possibilities of what is going to happen next create this tension within her, and hence making her wait in anticipation. Sexual tension makes a woman ask if the guy is really into her, if he is going to kiss her and such.

The problem arises when only one party feels the tension. When this happens, chances are whatever hope of seeing sparks flying is diminished. For a relationship to blossom, sexual tension must be felt between both the couple. This sexual tension will be the secret tool that helps to bind the couple together, emotionally and physically. It is difficult to tell if the guy you are talking to is having the same sexual tension, hence the only way is only to kiss and tell.

It is definitely not possible to hide your sexual tensions in front of a person you are attracted to. But the only way to test if the person is really into you is to make your sexual tensions known.

To do so, guys would usually use this sleek method: When you are having your first kiss, push her away and shake your head. She might feel rejected, but she will definitely come back for more. By doing this, you are creating a sexual tension and she will be even more drawn to you.

Too much of sexual tension however, might harm your relationship. By “running away” from her, ignoring her and depriving her of some love would give her the impression that you are not crazy about her. As much as we hate to say it, women love the attention that men offer. But if you think that creating as much sexual tension as possible will help, then you are very wrong.

Instead, be wise with your actions and know when the exact moment to create those tensions is. There is every opportunity to turn up the tension in your everyday life.

Be it while you are having dinner with her or just a nice walk at the park, sexual tension can easily be created to spice up the relationship. As mentioned before, creating sexual tension is good, as long as you know how to limit them and not make her feel cheated of her feelings.

No one has the exact definition of the ‘sexual tension.’ But if you don’t feel it, it just means that she is not the one for you. Learning to use sexual tension to heighten the feeling and being loved and wanted is definitely useful. Just keep in mind to keep it on a limit.

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