Sexual Assertiveness – Assertive Behavior for Seducing hot women

Sexual Assertiveness is all about staying comfortable about desire and understanding what you want. Men who are sexually assertive will always ask the question in a way that is more of a statement than a question. They do not find it intimidating to be sexually assertive with the woman in their life.

According to French study, Women are more sexually assertive than man and they are becoming more like men. This study shows the lack of sexual skills and assertiveness of men.

Women love sexually assertive men, not aggressive. They want men to look directly in their eyes and make them feel their heat of desire. You should always show your sexual assertive behavior and make your desire comfortable around women. We should live in a world that teaches men to be active and women to be passive. Adopt manly traits for seducing hot women because women love sexually assertiveness in men and want them to take initiatives in bed also.

Ways of projecting Sexual Assertiveness:

1. Be Sexually Assertive: You can be sexually assertive by projecting your manly traits. Women always want dominant man. They want man who can dominate them sexually and emotionally. Sexual assertive behavior does not mean that you have to be pushy. Sexual assertiveness is something that is universally sexy to women.

You have to develop deep vocal tone in your voice; alpha body language and mindset of a great lover for making her see you sexually attractive and assertive.

2. Dominating Women: Women want a man who is dominant in bed but not totally. A man who can tease them with his seductive flirting and take his time pleasing them sexually.

They want a man who leads with authority and leadership skills. They need a man who can dominate them, thrust them sexually and make them orgasm.

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